Privacy Policy

Why the present document

The present document describes how personal data of users are processed in this website. Data are processed in compliance with lawfulness and fairness requirements, in compliance with the applicable regulations and adopting proper security measures to protect data.
Data will be retained for the time required to achieve the purposes of the processing and in compliance with the applicable regulations.
This privacy policy is also intended as a summary notice, pursuant to EU 2016/679 to users of web services of this website to protect personal data that may be accessed electronically on:

the opening page of this website.
This privacy policy is strictly referred to the present website, not for other websites that users may access by clicking on the relevant links. These websites are independent data controllers (save as for the Company websites) and therefore reference must be made to the relevant policy.

Type of processed data and processing procedures

We inform you that the data will always be processed by AEG Corporation ltd to comply with an obligation imposed by law, regulation or legislation and to enforce or defend a right of AEG Corporation ltd. AEG Corporation ltd may disclose data to public authorities, courts, police, lawyers/attorneys, post offices/shippers, if necessary.

Navigation Data

IT systems and software procedures of this website, in the framework of their regular operation, acquires some personal data whose transfer is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
These data are not collected with a view to linking them to their holders. However, these are data that, by their very nature, with processing and cross-reference with data of third parties, may identify users.
This data category includes IP addresses or domain names of computers of users visiting the website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of required resources, the time of the request, the method used to send the request to the server, the size of the obtained file, the numeric code on the reply status of the server (sent, error, etc.) and other requirements of the operative system and the IT environment of users.
These data are used by AEG Corporation ltd with the exclusive aim of collecting anonymous statistical information on the website use and to supervise its smooth operation, and they are deleted immediately after processing. Data may be used to determine any liability in the event of IT crimes against the website or, in general, against the Company.
Data may be processed on paper, manually, with IT and electronic means (therefore, AEG Corporation ltd may file data both on paper and IT support).

Data that users provide on a voluntary basis

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of communications to the addresses of AEG Corporation ltd (if there is not a special form that must filled out, including references to the relevant privacy policies) requires AEG Corporation ltd to acquire the sender’s address for the relevant reply as well as other personal data included in the communication (or in the relevant attachments). In this event (without forms that must filled out, including references to the relevant privacy policies), provision of data is not mandatory. However, should data or the relevant address not be provided, the relevant request cannot be fulfilled. By sending of communication, the sender authorises AEG Corporation ltd to process data with a view to fulfilling the relevant requests.
AEG Corporation ltd may process data, whether on paper or on IT support, both manually and with other IT or electronic means.
Depending on services requested, users are in any case advised to familiarise themselves with the contents of specific privacy statements as may be found in the various sections of the site

Data Controller

The Data Controller is AEG Corporation LTD Paul Street 86-90 ECZA 4NE – London England, , e-mail : info (at)


We inform you that the GDPR provides the possibility for the data subject to ask the Data Controller (at the above addresses) to access personal data and to correct or cancel them or limit their processing or to oppose their processing, in addition to the right to data portability, as well as other rights contained in Chapter 3 of the GDPR including the revocation of consent, where provided: the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent given before revocation.


The interested party is free to file a complaint with the UK controlling authority; contact information is available on the following website

Legal Basis

The legal basis the legal basis consists of legal obligations (uk and European laws) as well as the legitimate interests of the Data Controller in the customer-supplier relationship. Furthermore, for the purposes for which consent is provided, the legal basis is the consent itself.

Notice and Disclosure Scope

No data from the web service (i.e. the above navigation data) may be notified or disclosed (except for notification to the judiciary or the police, if required).
As for processing based on the relevant forms in the website (i.e. registration), reference is hereby made to the relevant forms and any applicable rules.
The data may be disclosed on behalf of AEG Corporation LTD, each for own role, to all subjects delegated by AEG Corporation LTD (administrative staff, staff in charge of public relations also external to the Company, IT staff that also external to the Company, marketing staff also external to the Company, interns, persons in charge of the specific area to which a request is made, site management staff also external to the Company) and to Data Processors (for example outsourcers in charge of mailing, marketing, administration and maintenance of servers, website administration). The list of the Data Processors is available upon request to data controller.
With regard to persons in charge of data processing, please also refer to the specific information contained within the site depending on the required service.
The data provided by the user may be disclosed to the subjects for which there is an obligation pursuant to law or for legitimate interests such as to assert a right of the company in the relevant jurisdiction; data may be disclosed to any carrier/freight forwarder for the dispatch of AEG Corporation ltd material required; data may be communicated to the categories of persons eventually specified in the specific information in the various sections of the site.

Option to provide data and processing procedures

For a complete information on the processing of the data by AEG Corporation LTD, we invite you to take vision of all the information contained within the various areas of application of the data and all sections of this privacy policy.


Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer. The site in question uses the following types of cookies:
A. Technical session cookies So-called session cookies are solely used for transmitting session identifying data in the form of numbers randomly generated by the server. These cookies are necessary to ensure secure and efficient site browsing.
Session cookies are used in this site precisely to ensure maximum user privacy during browsing as they do not permit acquisition of user’s personal details that would otherwise permit user identification and recognition. These cookies are processed with electronic means.

N.B. The consent can only be given by persons over 16 years, if the subject is under 16, he cannot use what is provided for in the purposes for which consent is required

This privacy policy is updated as at 07/01/2019